Saturday, July 4, 2009

Land Ho - Canada!

After a lazy drive from NY to Maine, we stationed ourselves in Bangor for the night. Great time to relax!

Crossed the border into Canada this afternoon and are staying in the port city of Saint John, NB for the night before driving to Beulah Camp to dedicate our grand daughter.

Witnessed an accident tonight while leaving the local grocery store. Police came and everything! I was a witness to it all so had to give my version of the story. But the guilty party kept lying about her actions that caused the accident. I finally stated firmly, "Mam, that is not the way it happened!" She stopped - until the police officer arrived and she started it up again. The officer stated, "Mam, it couldn't happen their way AND your way, too. Now, which is it?" She stated, "Well, I guess all these people saw it...." Case over.

Enjoying surfing the net and breathing that foggy, damp, chilly Saint John air!!

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