Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's been a while since I blogged here. Lots going on - personal and professional - and time seems to slip away and I come to the end of the day and do not feel like blogging about squat. And that's okay!

I am at peace.
Work is getting done.
Life is good.
I like where I live.
I like most of what I'm doing at work.
I will enjoy my vacation when it comes one day.
God is cool.
I'm signing off!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A New Lease on Life

I cannot help but feel that we have been given a new lease on life. The last seven days have been wrought with concern that a heart condition might severely limit our ministry effectiveness and even cause a major change in our lives. But Rosalie's heart is clear of blockages and we now can look to the future with hope.

I am seeing this as a call to evaluate our lives and ministry, however, and to emerge stronger and better equipped as a couple to minister in the calling we have been given by God. We do not wish to waste one drop of this potent formula that has been served to us by God. It will be interesting to see where this experience leads us!

A new day dawns, fresh with hope. To God be the Glory!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rosalie is Home!

After a catheter was placed into Rosalie's artery and run to her heart, doctors discovered no blockages. Yeah!!

She is resting quietly for 24 hours, then will go back to work as long as she takes it easy for one week. No lifting, either.

We anticipate a good visit with her primary care physician next week to settle into the reasons why she was having the pain.

We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who loved on us by staying with us at the hospital, standing vigil in prayer, and emailing, calling, Facebooking, and generally caring deeply for our situation. You are all loved!

Monday, June 8, 2009

We're in!

We got an appointment with a cardiologist. O Happy Day!!


A lot going on since Thursday of last week.

I was working in northern NY when I got a voicemail saying that Rosalie was in the ER with chest pains. I headed south and got there in time to learn that there were indications of heart damage. She was admitted and the journey began. Tests, sent home surrounded by confusing words and a mixed-signals diagnosis from the hospital P.A. and nurses.

We called Rosalie's primary care physician today for an appointment and learned that she has resigned her practice and moved. Oh, no!

I asked the Lord for a verse on Thursday and here's what He gave me: "I am your refuge and strength, your VERY PRESENT HELP in time of trouble."

Thank you to all who have emailed and asked about our lives these days. We are sheltered safe in the arms of Love and it is comforting us.