Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breathing Room

The last few months have been really busy leading the church and getting ready for District Praise Gathering 2009. Things went very well and I'm now on the other side finding myself being very grateful to the Lord and our church family and friends for doing so much to make the event a rousing success. I believe our DS is very pleased, too, at how it all worked out.

Today I'm mentally worn - just need to let go of thinking for a few hours and just chill in the knowledge that all I need to do is safe in my GTD system and will be ready to re-engage with me when I get back to it.

Monday's Day Off will give me some breathing room!

Off to lead the first lesson of our new summer study series "Making Marriage Work". Looking forward to meeting everyone who challenges the heat of the day to come out and discover. We'll be talking about passion, intimacy and commitment!

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