Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“Come On, Boys!” He Said

“Come on, boys. Let’s go fishin!” he said.
So they said goodbye and jumped aboard the little Miss Ally.
And set their course and laughed about the wave and breeze.

“Come on, boys. We can do it!” He said.
So they throttled up and steamed away to find the better catch.
And hoped for awful winds and seas to blow away.

“Come on, boys. She’s getting rough!” he said.
So they went on down and held on tight so not to be afraid.
And waited for mornin’s light to point the better way.

“Come on, boys. We’ve gotta get off a here!” he said.
So captain and crew launched the little craft and jumped away.
And prayed their cries would summon a bigger ship that way.

“Come on, boys. It’s okay!” God said.
So they reached out to take the Safer Hand that came their way.
And knew for sure that raging sea and swelling tide would have no more sway!

Come on, boys. We’ve got to say goodbye!” we said.
So we set about to say so long and pray for strength today.
And then, like them, we board our boats to fish another day.

Pastor Dean Brown
The Wesleyan Church