Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fresh Wind Blowing

I asked our worship leader, Denise Caselli, if I could use this reflection she wrote to share with my blog and church family. Denise is a gifted musician, worship leader, and incredible composer of worship songs.

It’s not uncommon to hear the sound of ‘whooosh’ over my house in mid September. Besides telling me that the annual Balloon Festival is nearing, or is already in full swing, it means that summer is giving way to the coolness of the new season of Fall.

On the same morning I heard the balloon overhead, I had heard the sound of Canadian geese headed south for the winter. I ran to look, but missed the sight. Even in my 50’s I still get a thrill hearing the geese, watching the leaves turn color, and waiting with anticipation for the first snow flakes to dance in the cold air as they make their way to the gray-brown earth below.

After missing the sight of the geese, I returned to what I had been doing when I heard the hot air balloon overhead. I ran to the window, and pulled back the curtain, and there it was. It was low, I thought, and definitely not a good place to be low. I thought that the pilot was trying to land, but it was dangerously close to the center of Hudson Falls.

Headed south, there were no large fields, and the Hudson River lay just beyond where the balloon was headed. I watched as the pilot fired up the balloon with long, frequent, and what seemed to me to be desperate attempts to make the balloon rise, but it continued to drift lower and lower. I puzzled to myself that the balloon should be rising, but it didn’t. There was a point when I thought that there was going to be a terrible accident, but drawn to the drama, I could not stop watching.

And I’m so glad I watched, as the drama was not yet over, with what would be a stunning outcome! What happened next, a scientist or meteorologist could probably explain, but I can not. I was amazed! The balloon began to lift and immediately turned east. From my perspective it was like a car that took a sharp left turn – in the air!

Apparently the balloon met cooler air – a fresh wind. Did the pilot know that one more ‘whoosh’ was all it took to take him from impending disaster to a soaring success? Did he have some instruments to help guide him to the wind that would rescue his balloon from a not-so-happy-landing! I don’t know. All I know is what I witnessed. It was inspiring!

Lord, maybe RRWC needs a fresh wind. Like the pilot of that balloon that morning, we’ve applied our resources and our energies with the sole purpose of our call to do what we must do in Your strength to keep us from crashing, and we’ve purposed in our hearts to continue to be faithful. But somewhere, Lord, there’s a fresh wind blowing! Help us Lord to hear from Your Holy Spirit through Your Living Word and our conversations with You in prayer. Lord, guide us to it, that we would rise again and move freely with the fresh wind to the places You want to take us! Amen.