Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vacation Day 3

We spent the night away and enjoyed just being in the same room with each other and watching TV together, enjoying a delicious NB meal, and then catching up on our reading and emails.

It's great to be back in Canada as this was home for soooo many years. The sights and sounds and personalities are familiar and welcoming. I've especially enjoyed CBC Radio as it's the national news broadcaster here in Canada and keeps the entire nation informed of national, provincial, county and local news. I find I have to work harder to stay up on world news in the US as much of it is primarily US-centric in nature. This is not bad, just different.

Tonight we celebrated US Thanksgiving: all the turkey and fixins one could eat. My happy moments are watching my granddaughter lay on her daddy and sleep. So peaceful they can be at this age!

An out-of-pattern exercise for me was reading 2 computer magazines from cover to cover in one sitting. Ah, to do nothing is so much fun and restorative to the soul!

Day three is coming to a close and I can truly say it's been a great day.

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