Sunday, November 30, 2008

Days 6 & 7

Days 6 & 7 are very slooowww days for us as we've just lazed around and enjoyed being together with family and catching up on some personal projects.

I'm getting a lot of ME work done, the kind of things you don't take the time to do when in full gear at work but truly need to be done sometime soon. It's been great to review and revise my Horizons of Focus and get started on a more pristine method of tracking goals and objectives. My Projects and Next Actions lists have gone a little wonky on me while I've been focused on the issues of the day-to-day. So I've had time to drill down into the maze of thoughts and ideas and shape things up. This will be a great help to me next week when I return to the office.

I've particularly enjoyed podcasting these two days and being able to grow intellectually through listening to some very good information.

It probably goes without saying that I've been deeply thankful for time with my daughter and her husband and with my beautiful granddaughter, Michal. I even changed my Facebook photo to reflect one of our times together just getting to know each other better. I sure wish my "baby" was here with me but she's in Halifax being the top-flight medical professional that she is. I'm so very proud of her but do miss her dreadfully. Christmas!

Soon the house will heat up again with activity so I'll close for now. I'm having a really good vacation.

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