Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Election of a New President

Tonight we elected a new President of these United States. He is a man of color, an amazing thing really when you consider that just a few years ago this would seem to be an impossibility based on the prejudice and blind hatred of lesser persons.

As a church, what is our view of the outcome of this election? While we may hold our private opinions, we are now called by God to pray for those who lead us and give them our prayerful and civic support. This is God's call to each and every one of us and our challenge is to fulfill it without guile.

Please join me in praying for President-elect Obama and his family as they will surely need our prayers as the months fly by and he stands before the world to take the oath of office and enter the most powerful seat of influence in the world.

Pray, too, for God to bless America so that good will rise on the wings of the prayers of a nation that longs for good to prevail and spill over into the world we share.

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