Sunday, November 2, 2008

Almost Through

I'm waiting now for my last meeting of the week to begin. It'll be a prayer gathering to pray for the US election taking place on Tuesday and for the special offering we'll be taking on November 23rd for a small building renovation project.

I finished up my time at the District office on Thursday. I ended up staying on after my original completion date (9/5) because of the need for continuity until the new DS got settled in. He's in office now so I'm all through. New options here at my local church as I fold those outside hours back into the ministry.

My Mac has been giving me troubles after a software update on a third party sync program. I'm back using my PC laptop and making the adjustment until I hear from tech support.

Great church service today - so good to see some friends whom we haven't talked with for a while. I finished up my holiness series, too. I know I learned a lot more than what my people did as I studied this fall. :-)

Gotta run - my day is almost through!

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