Tuesday, December 9, 2014


This is What Motivates and Guides Me
Dean C. Brown

Statement: God is my ever-present Father whose enabling grace is always at work in me to influence others to serve the ever-expanding Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Role: Follower of Jesus Christ
Value: I Value Presence
I am a follower of Jesus Christ and His Presence in my life impacts every aspect of who I am, what I do, and how I will be remembered as a human being. My personal spiritual vitality is a barometer of how well I am doing in every other area of my life.
Vision: Today I passed away and left behind everything of earthly value to me.  I have awakened in Heaven and the voice I hear calling me is recognizable because Jesus and I have spend a lot of time together before I got here. I'm glad I paid the price to get to know Him long before now!

Role: Life Steward
Value: I Value Personal Health
I am most on my game when I am active in pursuing a healthy lifestyle of ideal physical weight, social/emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.
Vision: I run up stairs without becoming breathless because I practice moderation in my eating, sleeping, and exercising. I'm also well adjusted far into my old age because I have balanced my social life, emotions, study and prayer so as to stay young mentally, emotionally, attitudinally and spiritually.

Role: Family Man
Value: I Value Family
The Lord created me to love and fight for the heart of my best friend, Rosalie, and to spend myself pursuing her beauty as we scale the obstacles of life together. Sarah Beth and Naomi Lynn captured my heart at their birth and will always have my attention as I keep the channels of communication open to them. My son-in-law Ryan, granddaughters Michal and Evelyn, son-in-law Ronnie, and grandsons, Aaron and Eli, will always know that I love them and that Jesus Christ has been the defining factor in my life success.
Vision: Today the Lord allowed me to look back from Heaven to my family on earth and what I saw pleased me greatly.  Each one was striving to love and serve Jesus Christ, and on the date of my birth or death, they paused for a moment and considered my life and determined to emulate it by loving and serving the same Lord I did.  I'm looking forward to us all being together in eternity one day soon!

Role: Church Leadership Developer
Value: I Value Church Leadership and Whole-person Development
I embrace the reality that the local church is at the heart of God's plan for reaching the world for Jesus Christ. I am called to do all I can to develop myself so that I may develop healthy leaders who will play a defining role in the continued development of the Church.
Vision: As I read the church news today. I see that one of the many church leaders I influenced while in ministerial service has reached another milestone in his/her ministry.  I smile because I know I played a small part in their success.

Role: Lover of Life
Value: I Value Fun
Life is altogether serious enough without robbing my days and nights of good, clean fun. I will embrace my sense of humor and enjoy it in others so that my world is filled with laughter.
Vision: I enjoyed a great laugh today as I played a game or enjoyed a joke with the people I love to be with.  I am a well-rounded person because I include having fun as a regular part of my life and work!

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