Friday, December 5, 2014

Coffee and Grandsons

I came to the office this morning to get my sermon work done and to finish up details for Sunday:

  • Change the church sign
  • Process inbasket to zero
  • Scan files
  • Process next actions in my GTD system
  • Process mail
  • Update computers
  • Care for banking issues
  • And, stuff...
About 10:30 AM, I sensed a call from within for a coffee and I remembered the free java card I had received from a friend a while back. About that time Rosalie popped into the office after her early morning shift at THD and she told me that she was taking Na and the boys to run some errands. 

"I need a coffee!" I exclaimed, and showed her my Stewart's card. Off we went. Have you ever noticed that a coffee seems to taste better somehow when it's free? :-)

We stopped by the kid's house, picked up Na and the boys and headed back to my office so I could get back to work. Aaron told me that a square has four sides and that a triangle has three. I was impressed!

Just seeing my grandsons makes my day a little bit brighter. We're best buds so we love spending time together. 

Now I'm back at work and the kids are gone. But coffee and grandsons make for an unbeatable combination on a Friday morning before a busy winter weekend.

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