Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Son Born to This

In a meeting I led this week, one of the participants spoke about an event that occurred back in 1976. I was a part of that event. It sent my mind whirling to those days and the realization that I was born in Glens Falls, the very city where I now serve Christ and His church, and that this city is truly my home by birth.

There is something deeply satisfying about serving with the people where I was born. I'm thankful for the years that are mine to serve where God has placed me.

There is a connectedness I sense in it all, a feeling that rises up within me each visit I make to the regional hospital where I, too, was born on that frigid day in January, 1961. I sense it again as I sip coffee in a favorite downtown shop and idolize the shopping trips I made there as a child, long before the malls reached out to consumers like me. It emerges as I drive to the westerly on Quaker Road and observe the majesty of the mountain range that surrounds this city and her residents and I feel embraced by a region that was once my home, then was not, but is now once again.

Sons and daughters of the Adirondacks, come home. There is a place for you in these wilds that no other place of earth can offer. Your people are warm and inviting. Your economy is strong and recovering. Your churches are healthy and growing. Your possibilities for happiness are endless. And more than anything else, you simply owe it to yourself to re-discover what has been lost to you in your global galavanting!

I am a son of the Adirondacks - and I was born to this!

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