Monday, January 25, 2010

A Single Hand on My Shoulder

The music had been worshipful and appropriate. The prayers had been heartfelt and compassionate. The scripture reading focused and familiar. And the sermon delivered by my daughter almost lost to me because it was my little princess all grown up standing before me and speaking with such clarity and depth about her subject.

Then came the appreciation time: it's Pastor Appreciation Day at our church today and I was deeply touched by how dear the gratitude was that was being expressed about me and my better-than-me partner in ministry. And the poem and gift will be cherished forever!

But you know what really meant the world to me? A single hand on my shoulder! One of the ushers came to stand beside my pew to wait for prayer to end so he could collect the joyfully-given tithes and offerings. While he waited, he did a most human thing and simply rested a supportive hand on my slumping left shoulder. This single act communicated emotions true and validating and I was filled with a very real sense of my Heavenly Father's hand on me, too.

Mr. Usher (you know who you are!), thank you for caring enough to express it in this simple but profound gesture. You put the capstone on my Pastor Appreciation Day!

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