Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Welcome Delight

After a great church service where my daughter lead worship and Pastor Mel preached on The Church in Philadelphia, we headed to the Tobique and enjoyed a feast of Chinese food. I then retired to read. What happened then was a total surprise - I took a nap!!

A new friend unfamiliar with church life and I were talking about work recently and he noted how he thought the ministry would be a good job because the hours were low, unlike other jobs that he had done in his life. I made a joke of it and didn't say, "Oh, we work long hours in the ministry, too!" People don't believe you, anyway, so you just smile at their mistaken notion of the church and what you do.

I said all that to say that taking naps are not a part of my weekly routine. But, on vacation, they are a welcome delight!

A snowstorm predicted for tonight and tomorrow may alter our travel plans a bit. 15 cms possible!

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