Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Memories Tonight

Finished up a great meeting at the church tonight and am now home enjoying a David Foster Special on Vermont Public Television. Celine Dion sang a few minutes ago and it sure caused a flood of memories of Canada and especially Halifax. What a great city. Roxham CLose, Lacewood Drive, Downtown, the Waterfront, Hwy 101 and 103, Seabright, the Twin Bridges, "Helping People Cross The Bridge to God" (John 5: 24 NIV), and the people who served Christ with us come readily to mind and usher in a warm nostalgia that even the beauty of these mountains can't slay tonight.

Interesting, too, that the spiritual burden I was given in 1999 hasn't left even after being gone nineteen months.

God, bless Halifax tonight, from the farthest outskirts to the central core of that thriving, maritime city!

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