Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catch-up Day in My World

I've been away ten days so you can imagine the backlog of things left undone over that time period. So today has been a full day of catch-up for me:

*Process mail with administrative staff
*Email glaore
*30 phone calls to catch up with people I've not spoken to since going away
*Several Meetings
*Processing my Projects and Next Actions Lists
*Gearing up for the weekend that will be FULL of activity!
*Printing and processing Mission, Vision and Core Values work I did while on vacation and adding my Horizons of Focus to my planner for review and reference
*My joy today was interacting with a number of our senior citizens by phone. They have their own unique challenges, you know, and a call and a work of encouragement goes a long way!

I've been at it for about nine hours now so I'm going to take some me time to balance out a busy, Quadrant I-II day.

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