Friday, September 25, 2015

Advance! Weekend at Vantage Pointe Church

District Transformation Project 2.0

Event Name: Advance!
Date: October 2-4, 2015
Statement of Intention:
Vantage Pointe Church was born when a small but determined group of people joined Pastor Dean Brown in July, 2011 to investigate forming a new faith community in the Glens Falls region. The new church would be called Vantage Pointe and it would reach people who were waiting to meet Jesus Christ and become involved in a healthy, growing community of faith. The group believed that from God’s Vantage Pointe, nothing would be Impossible for them.

They followed though on their faith by acting on three core values:

·       Loving God and loving people to God;
·       Growing people through biblical discipleship; and,
·       Engaging with the region so that the unchurched would know that Vantage Pointe’s God loves them and that He has a place of service for them in His kingdom

The fledgling group reached out to their family, friends and yet-to-be friends by gifting the community with events designed to touch the lives of people for Jesus and introduce them to Vantage Pointe’s ministry. This happened in city parks through annual Easter Egg Hunts, Family Fun Days, Trunk ‘n Treat events and through a backpack ministry in a local school. The group also partnered with community agencies like Open Door Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Warm the Children, and the Open Arms Pregnancy Center. It also offered the region a “City’s Biggest Baby Shower” to reach and support young families in need of baby clothing and supplies. An Antique Car Rally also occurred to share donations with needy veterans. Thousands of people have been touched by these outwardly-focused events.

The leaders of Vantage Pointe Church have invited the Eastern New York/New England District of The Wesleyan Church to partner with them in a special weekend called “Advance!”. It will be held October 2-4, 2015.  While the church has made good progress since its launch 3.5 years ago, Pastor Dean and the church’s leaders believe that there is yet much ground to take for Christ and for the people whom He died to save. The weekend will better equip the congregation and her leaders for effective ministry well into the next decade.

You can be a vital part of this event in one or more of the following ways:

·       Pray for the leaders and volunteers of Vantage Pointe as they prepare for the weekend and for open minds and hearts for what we will be taught/caught during this time
·       Attend special prayer events to help us “turn the soil” and receive whatever seed the Holy Spirit will plant in us
·       Offer to serve on a team that will do research in the areas of church history, demography, community reference, finances, food preparation and facility set-up
·       Commit to give so that whatever recommendations come our way, we can act on them without a shortage of volunteers or financial resources

The next days will be filled with much activity as we prepare spiritually and organizationally for our Advance! weekend. I’m excited to share these days with you!

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