Friday, April 5, 2013

My Three Women

Like Jesus, I have known many women who have been a part of my ministry over the years. I thank God for them all, for without them, little would have gotten done in the churches I have served! 

But there are three women who have walked with me throughout my ministry who have blessed me in ways far more meaningful than I can possible write about today. 

Rosalie, my wife. 
Sarah, my eldest daughter. 
And Naomi, my youngest child. 

These three women, wonderful and incredible in so many ways, have walked with me every step of my way and I been been the recipient of their love, support, humor, hard work, counsel and prayers so many times that I have lost track of them all. But I do know that I would not have been as effective as I have been without their unique and godly contribution to my life and ministry.

Rosalie, Sarah and Naomi, I love you more than than words can say and want you each to know just how blessed I know I am because you have shared your life with mine.  



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Sarah Beth said...

Hey Dad! I just saw this as I was reading your response to the Boston tragedy (which was very good). I'm so glad I have been a help to you over the years. You, of course, have been a huge help to me so many times over the years and continue to be. I love you so much and miss the days we worked in ministry together! I love you and I'm always here for you, even though the miles may separate us.

~ Sis