Sunday, December 4, 2011

How's Mom?

It's been a week since Nan entered hospital again after being overcome by dementia.  We cared for her as long as we could but her disease's progress had taken her beyond our ability to meet her daily needs. But we do love her!

Today's visit found her alert but not oriented. She asked, "How's Mom?" doing and where her mother was today.  I replied, "She's in her best home (heaven!) and doing very well." That sufficed, it seems.

Nan's lived a long, full life.  Her days are without care or concern because the meds work so well.  Pray for us as we help her find her new home.  And pray God's will be done in her life, too.

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Tanya said...

Praying for you all Dean. I know how hard dementia can be on families...we were grateful that our Nan lived in a happy part of her mind (making fun of all the other ladies in Parkland who were "forgetful"...she always said she was glad that at least she had her memory!! I guess she forgot that she didn't!) big hugs to all!