Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Gnosticism was an ancient heresy that stated that matter was essentially evil; only pure spirit was not sinful.

Gnosticism, soundly defeated by early theologians, has pulled itself out of the ash heap of subjugation and once again seeks victims today.

Gnosticism teaches that a religious person can maintain spiritual holiness all-the-while reveling in fleshly indulgences and that sinful mindset engendered by a world value system completely opposed to God and His holy, just ways.

Today's configuration encourages libertinism in that it fosters an erroneous belief that a person can "live as the devil himself" yet, since what the body does is of no moral consequence to the spirit, is freed to indulge in the unholy patterns and practices of the world while still enjoying the promise of a luscious existence in eternity. It's a dichotomy that the Scripture cannot support nor does it encourage.

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