Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One of THOSE Days!

Up early to exercise (a routine now!) and then to the office to settle in for a full day of prep for a board meeting. Interesting how things can change in a hurry.

The scheduled started to disrail after some email demanded more thought than I had time for but I knew I needed to plowed ahead and finish anyway. Then phone calls came that could not be added to my calls list for another day. A meeting or two further slugged away at my volume of work until I began to get concerned if I would get it all done before 7 pm. At one point, our administrator and I met to talk about the morning and concluded that the enemy was at work trying to curb our zeal for the calling that was ours for the day (Rosalie is my admin, in case you wondered!). I went back to my office, closed the door to put my head down, only to learn that three members of the board would not be able to make the meeting, thus calling for a rescheduling of the event.

I should have let go and let the day flow, I guess, for Someone knew my calling for the day was to serve people and not to push paper. I'm happy with that!

Today was supposed to be my day off so I'm going to slide into that mode soon.

By the way, had a great doctor's appointment yesterday. BP is NORMAL after all these years and my cholesterol is at rock bottom normal, too. All this lifestyle change is proving helpful in many areas of my personal world. Yea!

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