Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's All in the Mind

It's been quite a winter: too much cold and way too much SNOW has marked the season the season for me. It didn't help that I got to be in Florida for three days!

Today was another snow day in the Adirondacks and I royally took advantage of it by staying mostly at home and working from a coffee table on my laptop. It was really great to change up the routine and adjust the pace of my life for twelve hours. I got a lot of work done and cleared off about 60 items from my Project and Next Action lists.

Things are good in my world and I'm honored to be serving Jesus Christ as a spiritual leader in the county. I sense God's hand on my life and ministry and am humbled by the honor of walking with Him through life.

I celebrated my 48th birthday on the 19th and heard from a number of new and old friends. It meant a lot to be with family and friends on the day. My friends joked about me now being an "old geezer" but I still feel like I'm 28 and not 48. It's all in the mind, folks!

I enjoyed fire meeting last night. While all we did was wash fire trucks and clean up, the manual labor and interaction with the TREMENDOUS people at the fire department made the evening slip by way too quickly.

I'm reading a book "Making It All Work" by David Allen. Whereas "Getting Things Done" was a nuts and bolts look at work and life management, this book is the philosophy behind the methodology. A good, if not long, read.

My daughters have been together in NB for the last six day and I would have loved to have been there with them (and that beautiful baby!!). Soon.

Okay, enough.

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